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Such an amazing cause and inspiring video. Not to mention a great use of After Effects. It’s so great to look at grassroots campaigns utilizing multimedia effectively. Check it out then, check out and see how to help.


Controversial in some areas, accepted in others; child brides are clearly a topic of debate. Some see these older men as predators, others see them misguidedly as protectors and saviors from the cruel world of oppression children and women have to face. Either way, these children are thrown into a world and life that sucks away their youth.

Child brides reflect the perceptions of society and how deeply patriarchy has been embedded in our customs that the innocence of a female child is a prized commodity. It should also be recognized, however, that this is not a third world issue. These sentiments towards women and the stereotypes that continue to persist that women should be virginal and innocent, plague Global North countries as well; they are just spun to seem acceptable and appear that the 16-year-old bride is “mature.” 


Helping third world countries one purchase at a time

There are many local stores that sell Fair Trade products, supplying unique worldly products rich with culture that could not be bought anywhere else. I have had the privilege of visiting this store in Ohio and was in awe over the beautifully crafted items. The best part of it all was the stories the owner would tell about the women carefully crafting the copper wire into priceless rings that were sold for a cheap price for us, and they received fair payment. 

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My first article for the collaborative website, Learn about Nancy Bauer, an inspiring woman who turned her world upside down after being fired from her teaching job to start a business using recycled materials, and promotes women rights, equality for special needs children, and support for the local impoverished community of the Appalachian region. 

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